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Carbon Free and Spin Yarn Dye

We are a company committed to finding more environmentally friendly ways of producing our collections.

It is a responsibility we take quite seriously. And we have found two ways to cut down on clothing production’s worst offenders – the use of harmful chemicals and the overuse of energy and water. Fluorocarbons are chemicals that give garments many useful features, like waterproofing, and resistance to grease and dirt. But this harsh and toxic chemical degrades slowly in nature, if at all. It is carcinogenic and can affect animals and humans if it is stored in the body, impeding reproductive function.

Oscar Jacobson has removed all fluorocarbons from its base and mid layers, using only C6 hydrocarbons that are much gentler. And our shell garments are free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), one of the nastiest chemicals used for waterproofing. Times are changing, and our goal is to have fluorocarbon-free garments.
We have also adopted a smart, yarn-dyeing method that saves both water and energy. Polyester and other synthetic fibres are made using a liquid solution that is pushed through tiny holes to make the yarn. Traditionally, this yarn is then dipped in a dye bath, rinsed and dried. Spin Yarn Dye, a new process we have begun using, cuts out these extra steps, dyeing the yarn while it is still in liquid form. And this process also makes the colour stronger and garments less prone to fading from washing or sunlight.

Carbon Free

All our shell garments are free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), one of the nastiest chemicals used for waterproofing.

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WPS spinyarndye

Spin Yarn Dye

This eco-friendly fabric has long-lasting colour fastness due to the fact that dye is applied directly to the fibre instead of at a later stage. The dyeing process consumes 90% less water than regular dyeing. It also has UVA and UVB protection.

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Peter Hanson at the US Masters in a Connor shirt, which is dyed with the spin yarn technique.

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