WPS Baselayers


The foundation to a perfect round

Our Versatile WPS Base Layers have you covered this Autumn/Winter.

The foundations of OJ Sport’s WPS system – base layers like Ron, Rock and Buck – come into their own with the changing seasons, offering a soft, snug-fitting, synthetic-fibre layer next to your skin to transport moisture away and regulate temperature.

The turtleneck Ron and half-zip Rock boast an element of stretchy elastane in the fabric mix. Buck, a classic roll-neck with a shade more elastane, will suit those whose number one priority is warmth around the neck when the temperature drops.

THE base layer

These are the clothes that sit closest to your body. They should be light, breathable, wick moisture away from your skin and they should be extremely comfortable.

As the darker clouds roll in and temperatures take a turn, golfers need to be certain that they’re as well prepared as possible to play their way through it. OJ Sport’s WPS Weather Protection System is the ultimate layering concept, equipping golfers like never before to deal with wind, rain and plummeting temperatures while still allowing freedom to swing.

Ron, Rock and Buck are light, breathable base layers from our Autumn/Winter collection that wick moisture away and regulate temperature; our mid-layers bring isolation, helping you retain body heat while further wicking away moisture; while our outer layers provide essential protection from wind, rain or both.

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