Richard Bland

Richard Bland

The newest member to the OJ player stable, Richard joined Team OJ late in 2014 and has enjoyed a successful start to the 2015 European Tour Season. When he’s not walking the fairways style, he can found at home walking his dog in style in his versatile OJ clothing.


Southampton, England
Stoneham GC
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Burton-on-Trent, England
Height & Weight
6ft 1¾in 14st 0lbs (185cm 89kg)
Turned Pro
1996 (plus 2)

Quick Questions

Would you prefer to play in the wind or rain?
World #1 or major Championship?
One course for the rest of your life, which one is it?
Sunnningdale or St Andrews... the turf is the way it should be.
Your first car, your current and your dream car?
First: Ford Escort, Current: BMW X6, Dream: Lambourghini Aventador
Individual style or team outfit?
Individual style

Get to know Richard

On course

Your dream fourball?
Tiger Woods, Ronnie O' Sullivan & Matt Le Tissier. Matt is a good friend, Ronnie is my hero & Tiger because he's Tiger.
Your favourite club in the bag & why?
Lob Wedge. My strength is my short game and you can play many shots with that club.
Best shot of your career so far?
Driver off the fairway in the last round of Tour School about 8yrs ago.. 16th hole par 5 – it was a very windy day & I needed one more birdie to get my card. I hit a great shot with that club to about 20ft to make the birdie I needed.
Whats your favourite item of OJ clothing?
All of it. I just love everything about the clothing... The fit, how it feels and it looks classy & very smart
Favourite Sunday afternoon outfit?
I don't really have a Sunday outfit. Just whatever is left that I haven't worn for the week!
Three words to describe Oscar Jacobson?
Classy, stylish and professional
Your worst weather memory?
Spain 16yrs ago. It was raining hard & it was so cold that you could hardly hold the club. Water coming through the waterproofs & was frozen to my core. Just horrible being out in that for over 4hrs. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Off course

Favorite past times away from the course?
Just being at home as we spend so much time away. Being around my family & walking my dog Max.
OJ is a fashion brand that produces golf clothing, do you recognise/notice fashion influences coming into golf apparel more and more?
I do notice the trends in golf. With players getting younger & they work out more. The fits in some brands are tighter to show the slim look. I guess with being one of the older guys on tour, I much prefer the more classic look that I think OJ do fantastic as well as the slim look too.
Do you prefer to dress up (smart) or dress down (casual)? Why?
I guess I'm always more casual than smart. I much prefer comfort so I guess that reflects in the way I dress away from the course.
Who are your style icons?
I think David Beckham makes any style of clothes look great. I wish I could!
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