Weather Protection System


The Oscar Jacobson Weather Protection System

Developed for the avid golfer.

Developed for the one who cares about looking good and doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort or mobility. WPS helps to optimize your game, weather you’re playing a round under a blazing Mediterranean sun or in a Scottish rain just a few degrees above freezing. Our WPS has a three-layer system that ensures ultimate protection.

base layer

The base layer is light and breathable, wicking moisture away from the body and regulating temperature. This comfortable collection includes our shirts, shorts and underwear.

WPS base layer

WPS mid layer

mid layer

The mid layer is the one that keeps you warm and comfortable from head to toe. It helps retain body heat, while wicking away moisture. In fabrics like merino wool and fleece, these garments go over the base layer on dry but cool and crisp days.

outer layer

The outer layer provides ultra-light protection for golfers. These garments are made of three layers – a stretchy, functional fabric on the outside that ensures flexibility, and a soft, comfortable lining. The outer layers are wind and waterproof, fast drying and, most importantly, easy to pack and carry in a golf bag. And a longer back hem offers that little bit of extra protection when you lean forward to swing the club.

WPS outer layer

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